Crochet Black Cat Pocket Scarf

I wanted to get another Halloween pattern created, and my daughter has been asking for some new scarves. We decided that this crochet black cat pocket scarf would be the perfect project. My daughter loves pocket scarves and cats, so it was a great combination for her. This is a fairly easy project. The scarf … Read more

An Exciting Update

Hi all, designer and tech person here. You don’t normally see me post here because I’m not crafty in any capacity. That being said, I am the tech person behind this endeavor and have an exciting update for all of our awesome readers. We’ve pushed out an update to the site to increase the speed … Read more

Dinosaur Dishcloth

A family member of mine has a collection of dinosaur kitchen utensils. I wanted to make something for her that would go with her collection. I decided that a dinosaur dishcloth would be the perfect crochet project. Dinosaur Dishcloth  Materials:  5mm crochet hook                       Green cotton yarn                    … Read more

I made a fossil!

Like many people, we have recently been playing a lot of Animal Crossing. My daughter has been begging me to make her some Animal Crossing themed projects for her to play with when she is not playing the game. I decided that a stuffed fossil would be a good item to start with. I couldn’t … Read more

My Craft Problem

I have a problem that many crafters have. I tend to pick up craft supplies when I find a great sale. Everyone knows that I want craft supplies for any gift giving holiday. When my friends and family are wanting to get rid of their craft supplies they are no longer using they know they … Read more