Beaded Snowflake Ornament

My kids are usually making new Christmas crafts for me all the way up to Christmas. This year was no exception. Today I decided to help entertain them by making a beaded snowflake ornament. This project is a great way to help them manage their Christmas Eve excitement.

The materials needed for this project are silver pipe cleaners, beads, and ribbon. I love projects like this because they don’t use a lot of materials, and I always have these things on hand.

Start by cutting the pipe cleaners in half. Then twist them together in the center to make a snowflake shape.

Have your child slide the beads over the pipe cleaner on each side of the snowflake. Be sure to have them leave a small amount of space at the end. When you put the last bead on, fold the end of the pipe cleaner over the bead. On the top of the snowflake attach a loop of ribbon to the top bead.

This is a really fun activity, and my kids love making these ornaments. We used this craft at Girl Scouts, and it was a huge hit there too.

Once you have finished making your beaded snowflake ornament hang them on your tree to enjoy for the entire Christmas season. We have several of these on our tree now!

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