Crochet Cat Collar Bow

I’ve been working on some bigger projects lately, and decided I needed to take a break and finish a small project. I have been wanting to make some accessories for pet collars, so this seemed like the perfect time for this project. I made a crochet cat collar bow to start.

This project is quick and easy. It is perfect for using up scraps of yarn leftover from other projects.

For this bow I crocheted a loop to sew onto the back to slip the collar through. I left the instructions in for this, but next time I am going to sew a loop of elastic to the back to make it less bulky. This loop can be made using the method you prefer.

For this project I used Red Heart Super Saver and a 5.5mm crochet hook. You can make this with any brand of yarn you choose.

Crochet Cat Collar Bow


  • Any color yarn
  • 5.5mm crochet hook
  • Yarn needle


Ch 11 to start 

Row 1: sc in second chain and each across (10), ch 1 and turn 

Rows 2-4: sc in each stitch across, ch 1 and turn 

Row 5: sc in each stitch across, fasten off 

Wrap yarn tightly around the middle of the bow and tie it in the back. 


Ch 11 to start 

Row 1: sc in second chain and each across (10), fasten off leaving a tail for sewing. 

Sew the ends of the rectangle together to form a loop. 

Sew the loop to the back of the bow to finish. 

My old cat was not a fan of this project. Hopefully your cats will enjoy it more than mine did.

I plan on making more patterns for accessories to slip onto pet collars. Let me know in the comments if you have any suggestions for accessories you would like to see.

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