My daughter loves scrunchies. I discovered that they are an easy and quick way to use up my small scraps of yarn. Now she has a ton of different scrunchies to go with all of her outfits. To make a scrunchie you will need a hair elastic, a crochet hook, and a small amount of …

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Our little strawberry patch is doing great this year. Last year we were only able to get a few strawberries from it, and most of them were stole by animals before we got a chance to eat them. When we started seeing strawberries this spring my daughter was determined that the animals would not get …

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I made a fossil!

Like many people, we have recently been playing a lot of Animal Crossing. My daughter has been begging me to make her some Animal Crossing themed projects for her to play with when she is not playing the game. I decided that a stuffed fossil would be a good item to start with. I couldn’t …

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Dr. Seuss Day

Last month my daughter’s class had a week full of days dedicated to celebrating Dr. Seuss. One of my daughter’s favorite days was hat day. She loves any excuse for me to make her a new hat. It took us a while to decide which book to use as a theme for the hat. We …

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My Craft Problem

I have a problem that many crafters have. I tend to pick up craft supplies when I find a great sale. Everyone knows that I want craft supplies for any gift giving holiday. When my friends and family are wanting to get rid of their craft supplies they are no longer using they know they …

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