3D Printed Hearts for Valentines

Valentine’s Day is almost here. We love to make creative valentines cards for the kids to hand out. This year we wanted to use the 3D printer to make something small for my daughter to hand out. Since I’m currently learning to design my own 3D objects, I decided to create my own file to print. These 3D printed hearts are the first articulated object that I have created.

My kids love the articulated 3D printed objects because they are so much fun to play and fidget with. These hearts were a simple project for me to learn this new skill on. I created these hearts in TinkerCad. My daughter had so much fun watching me create them that she decided to start learning 3D design with me. My kids loved how they turned out. Now that I know how to make this type of toy they are very excited to give me more ideas to create.

3D Printed Hearts

Follow the link above to get the free file for these articulated hearts. These 3D printed hearts are great even as a last minute Valentine’s Day project. They are small so they will print quickly. We are taping them to some store bought Valentines cards for my daughter to hand out to her classmates. Kids love fidget toys, so these are sure to be a hit with her classmates!

Let me know what you think of these hearts in the comments. Also if there is anything else you would like to see us 3D print leave us some ideas.

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