Crochet Three Dinosaur Patterns Using Just One Design

My daughter, like many other kids her age, loves dinosaurs. As a result she has asked me to make her a lot of dinosaur themed projects. To make it a lot easier on myself, and to get all her dinosaur projects finished before winter was over, I created one design that I could use in several patterns. She has loved all of the dinosaur projects that I have made.

Since all of these patterns have been released separately throughout the winter, I thought it would be useful to share them all in one post.

The very first pattern that I made was my Dinosaur Hooded Scarf. This is still one of her favorite projects. She keeps it in the car, so she can have it with her wherever she goes. One of her favorite things about this scarf is the pockets so she can keep her hands warm.

There are some days where she doesn’t feel like wearing a scarf to school, but she still loved the dinosaur design. I solved this problem for her by creating the Dinosaur Hat. She was so excited to have something that is a lot less bulky than the scarf to wear on the days where it is just a little chilly.

Finally we decided that she needed to have something dinosaur themed for inside the house. I ended up making her this Dinosaur Hooded Blanket. She absolutely loved this blanket. It has a hood on it with the spikes so she can still feel like she is dressed as a dinosaur, even when cuddling in a blanket. It is the perfect blanket for cuddling up with a good book.

Which of these patterns is your favorite? Let me know in the comments. Also feel free to share any other ideas that you have for other patterns you would like to see me create using this design.

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