Dr. Seuss Day

Last month my daughter’s class had a week full of days dedicated to celebrating Dr. Seuss. One of my daughter’s favorite days was hat day. She loves any excuse for me to make her a new hat. It took us a while to decide which book to use as a theme for the hat. We eventually decided to use Stitch Fiddle to create a hat design based on The Lorax.

This was one of the more complicated projects that I have made. As I got started and realized just how many colors I was working with at a time I started to worry.

Once I got the main design of the hat done I was very happy with how it was looking. I created the body of the hat from a rectangle of single crochet. After this I added a few decreasing rows of blue to the top of the hat. At the bottom of the hat I made rows of alternating front and back post half double stitches until I reached the height that I wanted for the finished hat. All I had to do after that was sew up the back seam and gather the top of the hat. I added a pom pom to the top and she was ready to go!

She was very happy with the finished hat. She ended up wearing it not just for hat day but for the entire week!