Our little strawberry patch is doing great this year. Last year we were only able to get a few strawberries from it, and most of them were stole by animals before we got a chance to eat them. When we started seeing strawberries this spring my daughter was determined that the animals would not get them all this year. Her solution to that was to build a scarecrow to keep them away.

We started by gathering our supplies. My daughter picked the outfit out of some of the clothes that she has outgrown. We picked up a plastic 4th of July hat at the dollar store.

We also decided that if we made a scarf out of strips of fabric it would add something else to blow around and scare away animals. We cut a bunch of one inch wide strips of fabric. We tied these onto a piece of yarn to make the scarf.

After gathering all of our supplies, we dressed our scarecrow. This took very little time and my daughter did most of the work herself. We stapled the scarf to the ends of the sleeves on the dress so we wouldn’t have to worry about it blowing away.

We are very happy with our finished scarecrow. We have collected several bowls of strawberries from our strawberry patch, so it seems to be working to scare off all the animals this year.