Unicorn Hair Elastic

Today is National Unicorn Day! Of course we had to celebrate with a unicorn themed pattern. Since my daughter loves my crochet hair elastics so much, I decided to make her a unicorn one for her to wear to school.

This pattern is very simple, and can be made with scraps of yarn leftover from other projects.

Unicorn Hair Elastic 

Materials: 4.5 mm crochet hook 

                    White yarn 

                    Gold Yarn 

                    Pink yarn 

                    Hair elastic 

Chain 6 to start 

Row 1: hdc in third chain and each across, ch 2 and turn 

Row 2: hdc in each stitch across, ch 2 and turn 

Row 3: hdc in each stitch across, ch 6, hdc in chains, dc in last 4 stitches 

Row 4: dc, 2 hdc, 3 sc, 2 sl st, fasten off 

Row 5: attach gold yarn to third stitch from the right, 2 sc in same stitch, ch 1 and turn 

Row 6: sc decrease, ch 1 and turn 

Row 7: sc, fasten off 

Attach strips of pink yarn for the mane and attach a hair elastic. 

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