Crochet Pumpkin Keychain

My daughter and her friends have decided that I need to make them some new fall themed keychains. A crochet pumpkin keychain seemed perfect for this. My daughter loves pumpkins, so I’m sure this will end up being a favorite of hers.

This is a very simple pattern to make. It only uses a small amount of yarn. I used some scraps of Red Heart Super Saver yarn left from other projects to make this one.

The pumpkin is a simple crochet ball. After making the ball I wrapped a strand of yarn around in three different spots to make the ridges of the pumpkin. I found that tying a knot to the top each time I wrapped the yarn around helped to hold the strands tightly in place.

Crochet Pumpkin Keychain

Materials: Orange yarn 

                 Green yarn 

4.5 mm crochet hook 

Yarn needle 




(in orange) start with a magic ring 

Round 1: make 6 sc inside ring, sl st to first sc and ch 1 

Round 2: 2 sc in each stitch around (12), sl st to first stitch, ch 1 

Round 3-4: sc in each stitch around (12), sl st to first stitch, ch 1 

Round 5: sc decrease 6 times, sl st to first stitch, ch 1 

Round 6: add a small amount of stuffing, sc decrease 3 times, sew shut and leave a long tail 

Wrap the yarn around the pumpkin tightly and sew to the top three times to make the ridges around the pumpkin. 

Slip the keychain onto the green yarn.

Attach the green yarn to the top of the pumpkin and chain 4.

Slide the keychain down over the first chain.  Sc in the second chain and the remaining two chains.

 Fasten off and sew the stem securely to the pumpkin.

The pumpkin keychain is finished. I think this is going to be an adorable addition to my daughter’s backpack.

If you have any suggestions for keychains or other projects you would like to see me make let me know in the comments or on social media.

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