Heat Wave Scarf

Early last spring I came across a lot of Heat Wave yarn on clearance. This yarn uses the sunlight to generate heat.

I bought some in several colors to make some warm hats and scarves for my family to keep them warm this winter. This pattern is for a very simple scarf that will be very warm.

The stitches in this pattern are worked into the back loop only. This means that instead of putting the hook under both pieces of yarn, you will only work under the back part of the stitch.

By working in the back loops only the scarf will have a nice ribbed pattern to it.

Heat Wave Scarf 

Materials:  6.0 mm crochet hook 

                     Heat Wave Yarn 

Row 1:  Ch until desired length of scarf is reached 

Row 2:   In third ch hdc, hdc in each ch across, ch 2 and turn 

Row 3:  Hdc in blo in each stitch across, ch 2 and turn 

Row 4+: Repeat row 3 until desired width it reached and finish off