How to Make a Pillow from an Old T-Shirt

My son had a t-shirt that he loved. Unfortunately, our dog decided to chew it up one day. I put the shirt in my craft closet and told my son I would figure out something to do with it. He came home and told me that his teacher told the kids to bring in a pillow or stuffed animal to cuddle with during their readathon. I decided that this was the perfect opportunity to make a pillow from an old t-shirt.

Luckily the dog only chewed on the back and arms of the shirt. Since the design on the front had been spared, this was the perfect shirt to make into a pillow.

The materials I used for this project were an old t-shirt, some black fabric, a rotary cutter, thread, Poly-fil, and a sewing machine.

To begin, cut a square from the front of the t-shirt with the design on it. Then cut an equal sized square from your other fabric. For me this ended up being 14in X 14in.

Place the squares on top of each other, right sides together.

Sew along the edges of the square, leaving a small section open for turning. Turn the fabric so the right side is facing out and stuff with Poly-fil. (I forgot to take pictures of this step) Sew the small opening closed, and your pillow is finished. It is so simple and quick to make a pillow from an old t-shirt.

My son loved his new pillow. He was so excited to take it to school with him. Both of my kids have started looking through their old shirts and picking out some that they want made into pillows. I have a feeling there will be a lot more t-shirt pillows in my future. This project is a great way for them to save all of their favorite shirts that they have outgrown.