Pipe Cleaner Witch Hat

We wanted to get another Halloween themed craft project done before the spooky season is over. My daughter loves arts and crafts, so I wanted to make a project she could help with. This pipe cleaner witch hat is a great craft project for kids.

Kids will need some help with this project because it uses hot glue.


  • Two pipe cleaners
  • 2.5 inch foam circle
  • Hot glue

Hold the two pipe cleaners together, and begin to twist them. Make sure that each round is bigger than the one before it. This is the part of the craft that kids can help with. It is great for working on their fine motor skills.

Once you have finished twisting them you should have a cone shape for the top of the hat. After this you will hot glue the pipe cleaners to the foam circle. Make sure to help do this step for your child.

Once the glue has dried, you can adjust the pipe cleaners until you are happy with the shape of the hat.

We decided to use our pipe cleaner witch hat as a decoration on our Halloween tree. All we had to do was attach an ornament hook to the top and it was finished.

This is an easy and fun craft for Halloween. I’m sure we will be making a lot of these to decorate. I hope you enjoy this craft as much as we did.