Coffee Filter Butterflies

At her most recent Girl Scout meeting my daughter learned to make coffee filter butterflies. She loved this project and couldn’t wait to come home and make some more. I went out to buy her the materials and we decided that we should post a tutorial on here. This is a great project to keep the little ones entertained.

This is a super easy and cheap craft project. The materials that you will need are coffee filters, washable markers, pipe cleaners that have been cut in half, a spray bottle or dropper filled with water, and some plates to lay the wet filters on.

The first step is to color the coffee filter. Place two coffee filters on the plate, and have the child color them. The more they color on the filter, the brighter the finished butterfly will be. They don’t have to cover the entire filter because the colors will run and fill it in when it gets wet.

Next, let the child spray or drip water onto the coffee filter. It just needs enough water to get the colors to run. If you get it too wet it will take a very long time to dry.

After you have finished spraying the coffee filters, set them out to dry.

Once the coffee filters have finished drying, accordion fold each filter.

Hold the two coffee filters together, and wrap the pipe cleaner around them. Curl the tops of the pipe cleaner around to form the butterfly’s antenna.

The final step is to pull out the ends of the coffee filters to shape the butterfly’s wings.

That’s it! These coffee filter butterflies are so much fun to make, and are so easy too. I have a feeling our entire house is going to be decorated with them soon. My daughter can’t get enough of making them. I hope your kids have as much fun with this project as she does.

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