Fingerprint Wreath

It is less than a week until Christmas. We have been very busy with finishing presents, baking cookies, and decorating. Today my daughter and I had some time to sit down and make a new Christmas craft. We decided to make a Christmas wreath for her to display.

This craft is a very simple one to make with materials that you probably already have around your house. It is a good keepsake too because the wreath is made from the child’s fingerprints, and the bow is made by tracing their hands. These are always my favorite type of craft to make with the kids because I love to look back on them and see how small they were.

The materials needed for this project are a paper plate with the center cut out, red and green paint, red construction paper, scissors, and glue.

Begin by having the child use the green paint to make fingerprints all around the edge of the paper plate.

After giving the green paint some time to dry, have the child use red paint to make the berries on the wreath.

Trace the child’s hands on the red construction paper, and have them cut them out. This will become the bow for the wreath.

Glue the handprints to the bottom of the wreath to make the bow.

My daughter was very happy with how her wreath turned out. She has been carrying it around the house trying to decide on the perfect place to put it.

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