Coffee Filter Fireworks

My daughter had so much fun making her Fireworks Salt Painting, that she decided to create a new Fourth of July craft. I let her plan our craft today. She wanted to create some coffee filter fireworks. She got the idea from the Coffee Filter Butterflies.

These are a very easy and fun craft for kids. My daughter loves watching the colors run when she sprays the water onto the coffee filters. I recommend making these on a warm sunny day because they will dry a lot faster.

The supplies

To make this project you will need coffee filters, markers, a spray bottle of water, some string, and a needle. I was told the Velociraptor needed to be in the pictures for this project because he loves arts and crafts.

The first step in this project is to draw on the coffee filters. We make sure to use paper plates underneath the coffee filters to keep the colors from bleeding through to the table.

You will want to decorate several coffee filters to have enough to make a garland with them.

This is what the coffee filters will look like after coloring. The stripes were my daughter’s favorite pattern for this project.

After you have finished coloring, spray each of the coffee filters with water. This will make the marker run and create fun patterns on the coffee filters. This is my daughter’s favorite part of the project.

After the coffee filters have finished drying you have a couple options. If you like, you can hang the individual fireworks up to decorate. We decided that we wanted to create a firework garland to decorate. If you choose to make a garland, just use a needle and some string to hang the fireworks.

My daughter loved how her coffee filter fireworks garland turned out. She said it was exactly what she pictured.

I hope your kids also enjoy this project.