Heart Baby Blanket

I recently finished a beautiful baby blanket that I made as a gift for a baby girl recently born into our family. It may be a while before we get to go visit her, but I hope she will love this blanket. I made this blanket to be a toddler sized one so it can be used for a long time before she outgrows it.

Unfortunately I had some problems while creating this one, so I don’t have a pattern written for it. I can give a quick tutorial on how I made it, and am willing to answer any questions. Hopefully in the future I will have a pattern written for it that I will be able to post. It is one of my favorite projects I have created.

I started by chaining 209 and making the basketweave stitch. I used two balls of Bernat Baby Sport in soft pink.

Next, I created a graph of a heart. I used this graph to create the heart panels for the sides. I stitched these along the long sides of the blanket using the single crochet stitch.

Once I finished with the heart panels it was time for the border. I started with a row of half double crochet around the entire blanket. For the next row I put three half double crochet into each of the stitches from the previous round. For the final row I switched to white yarn and placed one single crochet into each stitch from the previous round.

This was the first blanket that I have created and I am very happy with how it turned out.

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