Watercolor Resist Snowflake Painting

We have been having a huge snowstorm here. My kids have been having fun playing in the snow, but with the temperature dropping we have been looking for more inside activities to entertain them during their snow days. We decided this was a great day to make a watercolor resist snowflake painting.

Watercolor resist painting is an easy and fun activity for kids of all ages. My children always love watching their drawings appear from the paint!

The supplies that you will need for a watercolor resist snowflake painting are white paper, white oil pastel or crayon, watercolor paints, paintbrush, and a cup of water.

Start by having your child draw snowflakes on the paper using their white crayon or oil pastel. My kids love to make their “mystery drawings”.

Once they have finished drawing their invisible snowflakes it is time to start painting. This is the fun part! As the child paints the watercolors over the page their snowflake drawings will appear. My kids always love to reveal their drawings.

The finished paintings are a great decoration to brighten up a house during the cold winter months. My kids are still working on making me more of them between their trips outside to play in the real snow.

If you are looking for more snowflake activities to entertain your children on snow days, you might also enjoy my tutorial for Beaded Snowflake Ornaments.

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