My Essential Beginner Crochet Supplies

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I try to make a lot of patterns on my blog that are easy for beginner crocheters. I realized that it would also be helpful to make a post describing the beginner crochet supplies that I recommend.

I know that when starting a new hobby I don’t like to spend too much money on supplies. I never know how much I will enjoy the hobby and what supplies will make the biggest difference until I have had a chance to use them for a while. After much trial and error I want to share my beginner crochet supplies recommendations with you. These are all supplies that you will see me using in my posts.

Crochet Hooks

The crochet hook is one of the most important supplies to have. You will want to have something that you are comfortable holding and working with for long periods of time. This may take some testing to see which styles you prefer. If you know someone who crochets I would recommend borrowing a hook from them first to get an idea of the type you want to buy.

This is a good option for a set of basic aluminum hooks. It is what I and many others used when we started crocheting. A bonus with this set is that it also includes some stitch markers and yarn needles. Both are things that will come in handy crocheting.

I quickly decided to upgrade from the basic hooks to the ergonomic style. This is another inexpensive set that includes stitch markers and yarn needles. These are the style of hooks that I feel are the most comfortable to use, and are inexpensive enough for beginners.


You will notice that most of my patterns are made from inexpensive acrylic yarn. That is my favorite choice for beginner crocheters because it is affordable and easy to work with.

Red Heart Super Saver is a great yarn for beginners. You can find it online or at most craft stores. It is inexpensive and very forgiving if you make mistakes and have to redo part of your project. I use it in a lot of my patterns.

My other favorite yarn for beginners is Big Twist Value yarn. It is another easily affordable yarn that is easy to work with. The only downside is that this is exclusive to Joann so you will either need to have one of their stores nearby or buy it from their website. Luckily they have a lot of sales and coupons for it.

Yarn Needles

If you have not bought a kit that came with yarn needles you will need to get some. These are used for sewing in the ends of your project to finish it, or for sewing pieces of your project together.

Yarn needles are cheap and can be bought online or at any craft store. I do recommend getting metal needles instead of the plastic ones. The plastic needles have a tendency to bend or break.

Crochet Stitch Book

I highly recommend buying a good book of crochet stitches. You can find tutorials for stitches online, but I like having a book in my supplies that I can reference. Not only do they show how to make the stitches, you can browse through it to choose the stitches that you want to use in your projects.

This is the first stitch dictionary that I bought, and I reference it often.

My Favorite Project Bag

I recently bought this project bag and it is my new favorite project bag.

It is perfect for taking small projects to school activities when I know I will be waiting around for a while. I took it to my son’s speech meet, and it was perfect for holding yarn and supplies to make scrunchies for my daughter while we were waiting between events.

I love the front pocket opens up to hold and organize all my crochet accessories. I am going to get a lot of use out of this bag and wanted to share it. I highly recommend this one.

I hope that this guide to beginner crochet supplies is helpful to anyone starting this hobby.

If you would like some easy patterns to make with your new supplies I would recommend the Heat Wave Scarf, the Single Crochet Scrunchie, or the Easy Hat.