Crochet Food Patterns

My family always loves it when I make crochet food projects. They are always coming up with new ideas for me, from a bowl of ramen, to a spaghetti scrunchie. I thought it would be fun to make one post to share the many food themed patterns I have created.

Crochet Donut

This crochet donut is an easy and quick pattern that children love. It is easy to customize this pattern to create any flavor of donuts you choose.

Chips and Salsa

This is one of my earliest crochet food patterns. It is a very easy project to make. My kids loved playing with this set in their toy kitchen when they were younger. I still find it around the house every so often.

Ice Cream Cone Hair Tie

This ice cream cone hair tie is an adorable hair accessory. This is one of my daughter’s favorite crochet hair ties. I love the fact that this is another quick and easy project.

Pizza Bandana for Dogs

This pizza bandana is one of my favorite pet accessories. My dog always gets a lot of compliments when he goes out wearing this bandana. This is also a super easy project for even a beginner to make.

Crochet Donut Scrunchie

This crochet donut scrunchie is an easy pattern that looks so cute! It is made just with a rectangle of single crochet which is folded over and sewn together with a piece of elastic inside. This makes it another great looking project for beginner crocheters.

Crochet Ramen

This crochet bowl of ramen is one of my husband’s favorite projects. I made this for his birthday and he keeps in on a shelf in his office. This project is a little more time consuming because you have to make all of the toppings to sew on. It is definitely worth the effort.

Sushi Keychain

This crochet sushi keychain is a quick project that looks cute. My daughter loved having this on her backpack until the day that she gave it to one of her sushi loving friends to make room for more crochet keychains.

Spaghetti and Meatballs Scrunchie

I think this is my favorite of all the scrunchies I have made so far. My daughter challenged me to make a spaghetti and meatballs scrunchie because she didn’t think I would be able to figure it out. She was so happy when I finished this one!

As you can see I have a lot of crochet food patterns to choose from. This is not a complete list, and I will be creating many more food patterns in the future. Be sure to keep checking back on my blog for all of my future food related patterns.