Coffee Filter Flowers

My daughter loves to make crafts out of coffee filters. In the past we have used coffee filters to make butterflies and fireworks. Today she asked me if we could make coffee filter flowers. Luckily I had all the supplies in my craft closet, so we got to work.

This is a very simple and fun activity for kids. Waiting for the coffee filters to dry is the longest part of this project. They will dry the fastest if you do this project outside on a warm sunny day without much wind.


  • Coffee filters
  • Washable markers
  • Green pipe cleaners
  • Spray bottle of water
  • Plates

Coffee Filter Flowers

Start by placing a coffee filter on a plate and coloring it with the markers. You don’t need to have the entire filter colored. When you spray it with water the colors will spread out and run together to fill up the white space on the coffee filter.

Once you have finished coloring the coffee filter, use the spray bottle to spray water over the entire filter. You will want the entire thing wet but not soaking wet. If there is too much water it will take a very long time to dry. If there is not enough water the colors won’t spread very well.

Once you have finished spraying them, leave the coffee filters out in the sun to dry. These took a while for us because my daughter got a little carried away with the spray bottle.

Once they have finished drying, form the flower by pinching the center and bunching all the edges up at the top. Fold and arrange the edges until you get the flower shape that you like.

Once you have your flower shaped, wrap one end of the pipe cleaner around the bottom of the flower. This will become your flower stem.

My daughter was so happy with her beautiful coffee filter flowers. She had a lot of fun making them. The best part is that you won’t have to worry about these flowers wilting.

I think next time we will try making them using a couple of coffee filters for each flower to make them even fuller.

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