Dinosaur Hat

My daughter loved her dinosaur hat so much, that I decided she should have a dinosaur hat to wear on the days that she doesn’t feel like wearing her scarf. She loved that idea so I got to work making one for her. This pattern is pretty easy and works up quick. I used my […]

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Snowman Hat

We are finally getting some snow! My kids were very excited about it and wanted to build a snowman. This gave me the idea to create a snowman hat for my daughter to wear while playing in the snow. Of course the snow was starting to melt by the time we got to take pictures

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Ladybug Hat

My daughter loves to wear fun hats, and would prefer to have a different hat to wear every day. I decided to take her hat that I made for wear red day at school and turn it into a ladybug hat. Ladybug Hat  Materials:  Red yarn          White yarn         

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Easy Hat

Last night my daughter informed me it was wear red day at school the next day, and she really wanted a red hat to wear to school. Luckily for her I had some red yarn on hand and was able to make her a quick hat after she went to bed. This is a great

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